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Course Description

History of Barbering Styling

Acquaints the student with the methods and techniques used in cutting, styling and grooming hair from early civilization to the present time.

Your professional Image

Discusses the importance of maintaining a proper image in relations with the public.


Presents the student with the different classes of bacteria, and the diseases that arise from bacterial infection.

Infection/Control/ Safe Work/Practices

Covers the techniques, practices and importance of maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Implements, Tools, and Equipment

Acquaints the student with the various tools of the trade; and how to operate and properly maintain the equipment.

Anatomy and Physiology

Discusses the physical and chemical processes that take place in the growth of human cells and tissues.


Acquaints the student with the interaction and effect of various liquids used in the barbering trade.

Electricity and Light Therapy

Acquaints the student with the capability and benefits of electronic therapy.


Enables the student to recognize and identify various skin imperfections and disorders.

Properties/Disorders/Hair & Scalp

Acquaints the student with understanding its disorders, structure knowledge and analysis of the hair.

Treatment/Hair & Scalp

Demonstrates effective methods and techniques for maintaining healthy scalp and hair.

Men’s Facial Massage & Treatment

Provides instruction and training to the student on administering facial massages and treatments.

Shaving / Facial/ Hair Design

Trains the student in the techniques and strokes used in shaving individuals.

Men’s Haircutting / Styling

Enables the student to develop proper hair cutting techniques through extensive training in the art of cutting, styling, and grooming hair.

Men’s Hairpieces

Students are provided instruction on designing, cutting, shaping, and cleaning hairpieces.

Women’s Haircutting/ Styling

Identifies different hairstyling techniques, and enables the student to learn and practice the various styles.

Chemical Texture Services

Demonstrates effective methods for relaxing and straightening hair.

Hair coloring and Lightening

Teaches the mixing of dyes to achieve various shades of color in the dying of hair.

Barbershop Management

Acquaints the student with the day to day operations of a barbershop, from selling products and services to maintaining records and paying taxes.

The Job Search

Assists the student in the preparation of resumes, in how and where to look for employment, and the importance of presenting oneself as a professional.

State Board Prep/ Licensing Laws

Reviews and discusses the requirements for obtaining a barber license.